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  1. Heartland Dental Fortifies Its Footprint With iTero® Element Intraoral Scanners

    Heartland Dental, the nation’s largest dental support organization, today announced its multi-year agreement with Align Technology to extend iTero® Element intraoral scanners to its supported dentists and teams nationwide

  2. Bay Materials Releases Zendura™ AT, An Advanced Material Aiding Orthodontic Clear Aligner Therapy

    Bay Materials LLC, the industry leader in high performance thermoformable materials for orthodontic clear aligner therapy, today announced that it has released Zendura™ AT, the first and only material engineered especially for fabricating aligner attachment templates

  3. MouthWatch Launches ‘Teledentistry Innovation Awards’ To Recognize Innovators And Pioneers Of Connected And Collaborative Dental Care

    MouthWatch, LLC a leader in innovative teledentistry solutions, digital case presentation tools and intraoral imaging devices, is launching the Teledentistry Innovation Awards

  4. Stabilize Your Denture With Dental Implants Placed By A Certified Specialist In Implant Surgery At NC Periodontics And Implant Center

    When a person loses all their teeth, they typically will get traditional dentures to replace them. Unfortunately, dentures are often not very successful

  5. Evident Launches Evident Design Services To Take The Industry From Traditional To Digital

    Evident, North America's leading breakout dental technology company and one of the world's largest dental lab software companies, today announced the launch of their new Evident Design Services

  6. BIOLASE Launches The BIOLASE User Community Initiative To Support Dentists In Implementing Lasers In Their Practices

    BIOLASE, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOL), the global leader in dental lasers, is hosting a series of BIOLASE User Community events to provide dental offices with an informal platform to discuss the technical and practical aspects of laser dentistry

  7. Castle Dental Expands Availability Of The OneSmile™ Dental Plan

    Castle Dental has expanded availability of the OneSmile™ Dental Plan, a flexible alternative to dental insurance. With OneSmile, Castle Dental aims to increase the availability of dental services and deliver significant cost savings, helping to ensure that affordable dental care is available to everyone

  8. Articaine Proven As Safe As Lidocaine For Dental Procedures

    Anesthesia Progress – Dentists heavily depend on using local anesthetics, such as lidocaine and articaine, to help control pain during procedures

  9. YourToothFairy, A New Startup Looking To Disrupt The Dental Care Industry

    YourToothFairy has grabbed the attention of patients and dental professionals, after the launch of its new online platform. helps patients efficiently gather fair pricing for their dental health needs, and provides them with a choice of verified, quality, local doctors

  10. DryShield Launches 3 New Innovative Products: DS Lite, X-Pedo Mouthpiece, And Whisper Hose

    DryShield, the only all-in-one autoclavable isolation system for dentistry, announced three new innovations today inspired by customer feedback. As DryShield CEO Thien Nguyen asserted, “We work hard to stay close to our community of doctors, hygienists and assistants