Latest Headlines

  1. S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd Performing Bone Grafting Procedure For Dental Implantation

    S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd is an aesthetic dental clinic that offers several cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to patients in Hungary. Operated by S&Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd., the clinic performs basic to complex aesthetic dental treatments

  2. MTI Dental Unleashes The Lynx

    MTI Dental, a leader in Dental handpiece manufacturing, announces today the release of the Lynx dental lab motor. This newest addition to the MTI catalog offers a quality solution with a sleek modern design for dentists to perform in-house lab work

  3. Dakota Dental Health Center Announces New Hybrid-Responsive Website

    Dakota Dental Health Center in Minot, ND, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Hybrid-Responsive™ website:

  4. Dental Care Alliance Launches New Specialty Practice In Virginia Beach

    Dental Care Alliance is proud to announce the opening of its newest specialty practice, Dental Specialty Center of Virginia Beach. Led by an experienced team of endodontists and oral surgeons, the practice provides comprehensive oral surgery and endodontics to adults and children over the age of 10; and, begins welcoming patients today

  5. Bieri And Christensen Dentistry In Laurens, Iowa Now Offers Cerec Dentistry Services

    Dr. Tyler Wallingford, Dr. Linda Bieri and Dr, Steven Christensen will begin using newly installed Cerec dentistry services that ensures patients can get a dental crown in just a couple of days at Bieri & Christensen Dentistry

  6. MALO CLINIC Study: Early Indications For Positive Outcomes Using PEEK-Based JUVOR™ Dental Prosthetics

    At the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO) Congress, held in Vienna, dental clinicians [1] from the MALO CLINIC, Lisbon, reported positive results when JUVORA™, a PEEK polymer-based solution, replaces traditional metal and ceramic materials

  7. Clay & Associates DDS, PLC Now Provides Same-Day Dentistry Service For Dental Patients

    There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend weeks in the process of getting a dental crown. However, thanks to Cerec dentistry, dental patients no longer need to

  8. Krutzfeldt QC Dentistry Introduces The Future Of Digital Panoramic Imaging For Their Patients

    Going to the dentist these days may feel like a trip into the future. The dental office is being transformed by technology and Krutzfeldt QC Dentistry has incorporated it into their patient’s dental care

  9. Toronto-Based Dentist Encourages Preventative Dental Care To Avoid Future Problems

    The Art of Dentistry, a Toronto-based full-service dentistry practice, would like to remind clients that the best way to preserve oral health, prevent expensive emergency dental care and minimize future dental complications is to take advantage of preventative dental treatments while practicing good dental hygiene at home

  10. Vicksburg, MS Dentists Acquire State-Of-The-Art 3D Imaging Technology, Offer Precise Dental Implant Treatment

    Vicksburg, MS dentists, Drs. Kenneth Nash and Jonathan Nash have acquired new imaging technology to assist in the placement of dental implants, as well as other procedures, with more accuracy and efficiency