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  1. Gentle Teeth Offers Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure, Performed By Certified Orthodontists

    One of the most prominent orthodontist in Pembroke Pines, Gentle Teeth offers cosmetic dentistry procedure, performed by certified orthodontists

  2. Orasana® Launches All Natural, Vegan-Certified Wildberry Flavored Chewable Probiotics For Kids

    Orasana® Launches All Natural, Vegan-Certified Wildberry Flavored Chewable Probiotics for Kids

  3. At NOHC 2019: MouthWatch Showcasing TeleDent 2.0 All-In-One Teledentistry Platform And TeleDent MobileOp Teledentistry Cart

    MouthWatch, LLC a leader in innovative teledentistry solutions, digital case presentation tools and intraoral imaging devices, will be showcasing the first major new release of its TeleDent™ all-in-one teledentistry platform and its new TeleDent™ MobileOp™ teledentistry cart, during the 2019 National Oral Health Conference in Memphis

  4. Holzinger Periodontics & Implant Dentistry Announces New Hybrid-Responsive Website

    The father-daughter dental team of Holzinger Periodontics & Implant Dentistry of Middletown and New Britain, CT is excited to announce the launch of their new Hybrid-Responsive™ website:

  5. New Anesthetic Proven To Reduce Pain In Pediatric Dentistry

    Anesthesia Progress – Pain management is a top priority in dentistry for successful procedures, especially in pediatric dentistry. The amount of pain that young children associate with dental procedures could affect their outlook on future visits to the dentist

  6. Painful Toothache Or Urgent Dental Problems: The TeleDentists Provide Relief 24/7

    The extraordinary cost of absenteeism and emergency room (ER) visits resulting from urgent and persistent dental issues are prompting employers, insurers and benefit providers to adopt a newly introduced solution from The TeleDentists

  7. Ormco Launches .018 Slot Offering For Symetri™ Clear Ceramic Twin Brackets

    Ormco Corporation, a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced orthodontic technology and services, today announced that Symetri™ Clear—its latest in aesthetically pleasing ceramic twin brackets—is now offered in the .018 slot option

  8. Kyle Parkway Dentistry, Dental Implant Clinic, Adds Latest 3D X-Ray (CBCT) Technology

    Not all dentist offices are created equal. In fact, there can be a wide discrepancy in the quality of treatment patients receive, particularly if a dental office doesn’t invest in the latest technology

  9. JOMS Study: CT Scans Overused In Patients With Dental Infections

    Computed tomography (CT) is used excessively for scanning dental infections even though history and physical examinations can help correctly diagnose higher-risk infections before having patients undergo the scanning, which is associated with high costs and long-term potential for cancer, according to a study published in the March issue of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  10. Argus Dental & Vision Inc. Announces The Release Of The Basics Of Dental Care

    Argus Dental & Vision Inc. has published an informative infographic entitled “The Basics of Dental Care” to provide information on a basic understanding of dental care