News | February 27, 2023

Woodbury Dental Arts Continues To Transform Smiles As A Newly Dedicated Implant Center

Woodbury Dental Arts, a dental practice in Woodbury, MN is proud to announce that due to their expertise in transforming lives with full mouth dental implant surgeries, that they are now transitioning to becoming a dedicated implant center.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) - Woodbury Dental Arts started as a general dentistry practice but after years of transforming smiles using dental dentistry, they are proud to announce that they are transitioning into a dental practice entirely focused on dental implants. Being one of the top producing implant providers in Minnesota for full mouth implant surgeries & restorations, the practice is dedicating all of their time to help transform lives with brand new smiles.

Zygomatic and pterygoid implants for severe bone loss solutions are great examples of the proven cutting edge procedures patients are able to receive from a dedicated implant center, as additional training is required to perform this advanced treatment. This office has placed over 500 zygomatic dental implants all together and places over 3,000 dental implants every year.

The impressive number of dental implant placements is thanks to this dedicated office having its own in-house dental lab so they can give every patient individualized and precise care. The office places so many implants that they run their own in-house lab to capacity, necessitating an upcoming lab expansion for Zirconium, Titanium, and PMMA milling capabilities.

Dr. Marko Kamel, the primary practitioner at Woodbury Dental Arts is excited about being a dedicated expert center on placing dental implants. “I want to be specialized in the specific niche in dentistry that I most excel at,” he says. “An expert needs to spend over 10 thousand hours in a niche to become an expert, and after years of performing dental implant procedures, I need to focus my time fully embracing the expertise that I have.”

Dr. Kamel strives to spread his expertise to other doctors across the country as well. One of the changes that come with the Implant Center is a brand new training center attached for doctors learning how to perform implant surgeries and taking advantage of the combined knowledge of Woodbury Dental Arts processes and procedures for an efficient workflow for full arch cases.

The entire staff of Woodbury Dental Arts has also embraced their roles as leaders in placing trusted and lasting dental implants. "We are the specialists in implant dentistry," Dr. Kamel explains, "not just the doctors, but the entire dental staff are the experts in dental implant cases, the latest technologies, various types of dental implants, and the techniques and knowledge to serve every patient's specific needs."

  • Woodbury Dental Arts is transitioning to focus on entirely dental implant procedures
  • Offer Zygomatic and Pterygoid implants for severe bone loss solutions
  • Dedicated training center for surgeons and in-built implant lab

About Woodbury Dental Arts:
The Woodbury Dental Arts office is committed to providing patients with exceptional care and quality service as they continue to transform smiles as a newly dedicated implant center.

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