VersaTrainer PC/104 Enclosure

Source: VersaLogic Corporation
VersaTrainer PC/104 Enclosure
The VersaTainer is a compact, rugged enclosure for PC/104 modules.
The VersaTainer is a compact, rugged enclosure for PC/104 modules. Larger than the popular Can-Tainer, it provides generous internal space for connector and cabling requirements.

With its solid one-piece extruded body, the VersaTainer provides an extremely high degree of physical protection for PC/ 104 systems during operation or transport.

The VersaTainer features anti-vibration and shock mounting systems both internally and externally. Internally all PC/104 modules are isolated using corner support on compressionmounted rubber rails. Externally the entire enclosure is connected to its mounting point through a full-length rubber shock pad.

For environments with airborne contaminants, the VersaTainer can be sealed using the included end-cap gaskets and 8-screw end plates. Use in some environments may require sealed bulkhead connectors in addition to end-plate gaskets.


  • Larger than other "can" type enclosures
  • Rugged single-piece extruded body
  • Internal module vibration mount
  • External isolating shock mount
  • Heat-dissipating fins
  • 4", 6" and 8" lengths
  • Accommodates VersaLogic's Panther CPU module

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