News | January 17, 2019

Toronto-Based Dentist Encourages Preventative Dental Care To Avoid Future Problems

The Art of Dentistry, a Toronto-based full-service dentistry practice, would like to remind clients that the best way to preserve oral health, prevent expensive emergency dental care and minimize future dental complications is to take advantage of preventative dental treatments while practicing good dental hygiene at home.

The staff at the Art of Dentistry are committed to providing clients in the Toronto area with quality preventative dental care through regular check-ups and examinations. Dr. Sol Weiss, a dentist practicing at the Art of Dentistry, recommends that patients stick to a twice-a-year examination schedule to help keep teeth clean and the gums healthy.

In addition to twice-a-year office visits, dentists recommend practicing good oral hygiene at home, which includes the following:

  • Brushing at least twice a day
  • Flossing at least once a day
  • Using mouthwash regularly
  • Staying hydrated
  • Minimizing sugary and acidic food

When these steps are paired with regular office screenings, patients can achieve optimal oral health. Dr. Weiss recommends that patients should consider adding oral cancer screenings into their yearly dental exam and cleaning schedules to detect any abnormalities early on when they can most effectively be treated.

Dr. Weiss and his staff are committed to offering personalized preventative dental care in a comfortable setting. Dr. Weiss possess decades of experience as a dental provider and looks forward to working with patients in the Toronto area to help them achieve healthy, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Weiss and the team at the Art of Dentistry offer a wide range of dental services ranging from preventative care to application of veneers and tooth whitening in a spa-like setting. To learn more about the services offered by Dr. Weiss and the Art of Dentistry team or to schedule an appointment, visit their website.

SOURCE: The Art Of Dentistry