News | May 2, 2024

Top Atlanta Dental Practice, Riverwood Dental, Is Delivering A New High-Tech AI Dental Patient Experience

The Riverwood Dental team offers the best that modern dentistry has to offer and is thrilled to embark on this new chapter of revolutionary innovation in dental care.

Atlanta, GA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Known for affordable oral health care, state-of-the-art practice, Riverwood Dental, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with the leader in AI (artificial intelligence) dentistry, Pearl Inc. Riverwood Dental will be able to utilize Pearl's proprietary AI analysis capabilities to detect evidence in patient radiographs and integrate it with treatment data from practice management systems, bringing consistency and confidence to the patients they serve. Pearl's computer vision systems identify and evaluate the widest range of pathologic and restorative features detectable in radiographic and 3D dental imaging. With the integration of Pearl's AI-powered clinical insight solutions, Riverwood Dental will be at the forefront of utilizing pioneering technology to enhance patient care. This partnership will allow them to provide consistent and accurate diagnoses, leading to better treatment outcomes, allowing dentists to make informed decisions that will benefit both patients and the practice. With the support of Pearl's innovative Riverwood Dental will be able to make objective treatment, training, staffing, procurement and patient recall decisions based on empirical data.

"This technology will elevate the efficiency, accuracy and consistency of care that our dental team can provide, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients," says a representative from Riverwood Dental.

More About Riverwood Dental:
Located at 3350 Riverwood Parkway, Suite 2120 in Atlanta, GA, Riverwood Dental delivers cutting-edge, quality dental care for all ages in a comfortable atmosphere. The team utilizes the latest in dental technology while offering comprehensive services, ranging from routine cleanings and chipped tooth repair to teeth whitening, veneers and dentures. Riverwood Dental offers the unique ability to address all aspects of dental health in one convenient place.

Regardless of whether they are protecting, repairing or enhancing smiles, their team delivers superior, patient-centered care at every step. For additional information about services offered, please visit

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