Rebase II

Source: Tokuyama Dental America
Tokuso Rebase

Rebase II is a chairside and laboratory hard denture reline material.

REBASE II is a chairside and laboratory hard reline material, for use with complete or partial dentures and partial denture repairs. Rebase II offers outstanding polishability, low heat generation for in-mouth curing, high mechanical strengths, great handling and almost no odor/taste. Curing in 4min 30sec intraorally, Rebase II is designed for long-term denture reline applications.


Hard relining for complete or partial dentures
Extension of denture borders


  • Easy polishing
  • Great handling
  • Almost no odor or taste
  • Low heat generation
  • Minimal chemical irritation
  • Durability
  • One-appointment procedure
  • Accurate adaptation of the denture
  • Saves laboratory costs

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