News | November 2, 2020

Teledentix Releases The Message Center To Help Drive Patient Engagement For Teledentistry And Mobile Dental Programs

Teledentix email, chat, and text capabilities are now consolidated into one Message Center that allows for communications template libraries as well as centralized control.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) - Teledentix, by Virtual Dental Care, has increased the ability for patients to more easily participate in their healthcare communications. Patients and providers can now email, text, and instant chat with patients all from one secure, consolidated Message Center. The Message Center also offers an easy way for providers to share diagnostic-specific educational materials.

In the wake of the global pandemic, teledentistry has been primarily associated with patients and providers interacting via live video conferencing. While that certainly is one component, teledentistry can also extend to asynchronous exchange of information, including messaging.

Text, email and instant chat serve as a way for providers, office staff, patients and responsible parties to all communicate with one another to handle administrative communications, questions, appointment scheduling or even the delivery of records.

The Teledentix Message Center was created to help providers and staff organize communication threads in a single environment, helping increase efficiency and accuracy for Teledentix users.

Customizable email and text template libraries can be created and accessed across multiple locations with multiple patients.

The instant chat feature, also available in the Teledentix Message Center, gives offices the ability to communicate with patients in real time, directly from the Patient Portal. This end-to-end HIPAA-secure environment allows instant chat messages to contain private information such as records or health information.

“The Message Center is a direct result of user feedback and was built with the input of some of our most successful dental partners. We’re excited to launch such an important feature that will ultimately provide tighter and more personalized patient communication that can be delivered at scale,” noted Richard Lee, Virtual Dental Care CEO and Co-Founder.

About Virtual Dental Care and Teledentix
Teledentix, by Virtual Dental Care, is the most comprehensive teledentistry software on the market. Teledentix was built with a vision to help teledentistry become a widely used industry norm, expanding dentistry and a dentist’s role beyond the walls of a dental office - even into the broader healthcare system. For more information about Teledentix, visit

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