Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Summit Dental Systems

Source: Summit Dental Systems
Summit Dental Systems

Summit Dental Systems (SDS) is an internationally recognized manufacturer of high quality, low price dental equipment. Summit's line of products includes hydraulic dental and orthodontic chairs, operating lights, delivery systems, cuspidors, operating stools. SDS chairs are certified for compliance with Safety Standard UL 544, "Medical and Dental Equipment", by Applied Research Laboratories (ARL), USA. In addition, these chairs are also approved by the City of Los Angeles as "found to be in substantial compliance with the standards established for such equipment."

SDS advertises in major domestic and international industry magazines, such as Dental Products Report, Dentistry Today, Orthodontic Products, Healthcare Update, and SUVISION World Year Bank. The company exhibits annually at key US and international dental meetings. In addition to its marketing programs, Summit Dental Systems became one of the first dental equipment manufacturers to have a home page on the worldwide web.

SDS provides a toll free 800 number for any customer service or technical support needs. In addition the company offers a two or three day technical training seminar, whereby participating domestic or international dealers send one or two service technicians to the Ft. Lauderdale assembly facility.