News | July 18, 2018

Stabilize Your Denture With Dental Implants Placed By A Certified Specialist In Implant Surgery At NC Periodontics And Implant Center

For people missing all their teeth wearing traditional dentures can be painful, inconvenient and embarrassing, so they often look for an alternative solution. At NC Periodontics and Implant Center, Drs. Craig Dorion and Alice Wu are celebrating their 5th year of offering patients with no teeth the option to choose implant-supported dentures, instead of traditional dentures, providing them with a stable, comfortable and secure restorative option that includes a biting force and aesthetics almost like having natural teeth.

Chapel Hill, NC (PRWEB) - When a person loses all their teeth, they typically will get traditional dentures to replace them. Unfortunately, dentures are often not very successful. People face many difficulties wearing them every day including:

  • Pain
  • Instability
  • Inconvenience
  • Difficulty chewing food
  • Changes in speech

Why Does This Happen?
Natural teeth are secured into the bone of the jaw. If all these teeth are missing, the body slowly absorbs that bone back into the body since it is no longer being used, causing bone loss. Bone loss not only changes the shape of the face, but makes dentures lose their fit causing slippage, difficulty speaking and eating.

What Can Be Done?
Implant supported dentures are a comfortable and secure tooth-replacement alternative that function more like natural teeth and virtually eliminate many of the problems associated with complete tooth loss and wearing dentures.

“We often see patients who have a denture for their maxillary (upper) or mandibular (lower) arch that they just never wear. Their dentures are often too painful, ill-fitting, or just plain frustrating to the patient for fear of it falling out. We always recommend stabilizing their denture with implants. It makes a world of difference not only in their confidence, but their overall health,” says Dr. Alice Wu.

Option 1: Implant-Supported Overdenture
An overdenture is designed to fit “over” the gums and can be removed for cleaning and sleeping. The denture does not have a palate and is secured by snap-in fittings inside the acrylic. In 2018, implants are widely recognized as a first-choice standard of care for the fully edentulous (missing all teeth) patient.

Option 2: Fixed Hybrid Denture: All-On-4 Or Teeth In A Day
A fixed hybrid denture is torqued into the implants and can only be removed by a dental professional. This type of restoration is commonly called “All-on-4” or “Teeth in a Day”.

An All-on-4 procedure indicates the number of implants commonly placed by an implant specialist to secure a fixed hybrid denture. It is required to have at least 4 implants to succeed with denture stabilization in the maxillary arch. In some case, more than 4 implants are placed, depending on the patient’s desired outcome and restorative ideal.

Often a temporary denture can be attached to the implants immediately after insertion, without the need to wait for healing time between surgery and restoration. These provisional teeth look and feel much like natural teeth, and patients can lead a more normal life immediately after surgery. This concept is known as Teeth in a Day.

“Modern technology and the use of 3D x-rays (CBCT scans) allow me to virtually plan and model exactly where I want to place the implants during surgery before I even enter the room. Working with patients in need of implant supported dentures is a passion for me. The ability to drastically improve a patient’s health and confidence is extremely rewarding,” says Dr. Craig Dorion.

If you are looking for an experienced certified dental implant specialist to evaluate your need for dental implants, please call (919) 967-5099 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Craig Dorion and Dr. Alice Wu have undergone extensive training in dental implant placement in order to perform these advanced cases to ensure the best outcomes for their patients.

Here is how Deborah B. felt after her treatment, “I am usually VERY nervous when it comes to seeing the dentist. Today was no exception, but my nervousness did not last long. Dr. Dorion and his staff was so nice, so courteous and professional, they eased my fears. Dr. Dorion was so patient and understanding! I highly recommend this office. A+ experience!”


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