News | May 9, 2023

SprintRay Brings Game-Changing 3D Printing Night Guard Resin And Curing Technology To Dentists In Canada And Europe

  • SprintRay launches NightGuard Flex 3D printing resin and ProCure 2 in Canada and Europe, joining their growing portfolio of single-appointment workflows of end-to-end 3D printing solutions
  • NightGuard Flex resin is formulated to be the fastest, most comfortable occlusal guard in dentistry, with more than 2X faster print speeds compared to competitor resins
  • The ProCure 2 post processing unit and cloud-based AI design round out the world's fastest night guard workflow, from scan to delivery in as little as 1 hour

Los Angeles, CA /PRNewswire/ - SprintRay, a global leader in digital dentistry and 3D printing solutions, is thrilled to announce the Canadian and European launch of its groundbreaking NightGuard Flex material and workflow. In tandem with the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem, this revolutionary technology enables dentists across Canada and Europe to design, print, process, and place same-day custom-fit night guards, significantly reducing wait times and enhancing patient experiences.

A Material Revelation in Smile Protection
A game-changing biocompatible material, NightGuard Flex enables the 3D fabrication of comfortable, long-lasting, personalized occlusal guards. With flexibility, strength, and longevity, the formulation of NightGuard Flex shortens delivery time by more than 2 times versus competitor resins, allowing for true same-day night guard delivery.

"We're proud to bring the world's fastest night guard workflow to Canada and Europe, radically changing how dentists deliver occlusal guards for bruxism and teeth grinding," said Amir Mansouri, Ph.D., CEO and co-founder of SprintRay. "In the US alone, our dental providers have printed >150,000 night guards using NightGuard Flex material and reported >90% satisfaction. We are pleased to expand the reach of this material to more dentists and patients worldwide."

Custom Night Guard Design, Powered by AI
With SprintRay Cloud Design, dental professionals can access on-demand designers and AI-powered designs for convenient night guard design. Users can access Cloud Design 24/7, and designs are delivered in minutes. Dental professionals can easily upload patient data. Then, AI generates a customized digital design. This end-to-end process speeds up treatments, allowing for print to placement in as little as 1 hour.

Smarter Post-Processing
The ProCure 2 joins the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem in Europe and Canada, providing efficient and user-friendly features. ProCure 2 technology drastically reduces post-curing times by over 10 times, making chairside 3D printing a viable option in dentistry. Its custom curing engine provides 25 times more light power, allowing dental professionals to cure a night guard in 8 minutes without preheating. The ProCure 2 also has a user-friendly, cloud-connected touchscreen interface that syncs with the printer, further simplifying the chairside 3D printing workflow.

"SprintRay NightGuard Flex combined with the new ProCure 2 is not only set to transform my night guard workflow, but to dramatically improve the way I do things in a remarkable way, providing my patients with the most advanced, efficient, accurate and comfortable process possible," said Dr. Jonathan Ng, Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics practicing in Vancouver.

This announcement marks the expansion of the SprintRay Protect-a-Smile campaign, a program designed to support occlusal health through 3D printing. This campaign provides SprintRay customers with in-office and digital marketing collateral to help patients begin night guard therapy.

SprintRay will showcase these products and more at the Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting in Toronto, ON, May 11-13, 2023, the British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show in Birmingham, UK, May 12-13, the Expodental Meeting in Rimini, Italy, May 18-20, and many other events across Europe. Commercial rollout dates for NightGuard Flex, ProCure 2, and AI design offerings vary by region. For more information, please visit or contact

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