News | February 14, 2019

S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd Performing Bone Grafting Procedure For Dental Implantation

S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd is offering to perform bone graft surgery and sinus lift that may be necessary before the placement of dental implants in case of loss of alveolar ridge.

S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd is an aesthetic dental clinic that offers several cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to patients in Hungary. Operated by S&Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd., the clinic performs basic to complex aesthetic dental treatments. These treatments range from bleaching, veneers and crowns to dental implantation, smile makeover, and gum plasty. The clinic has experienced dentists who provide implant-supported aesthetic dental restorations. Before delivering any treatment or finding the right solution, these dentists hold a consulting session with their patients and discuss their problems and aesthetic needs.

The spokesperson of S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd, during a recent interview, asserted, "From periodontal treatments to minor oral-surgical interventions, we offer a wide range of dental treatments to our patients. As far as dental implantation is concerned, we follow the one-stage or two-stage implant procedure. The one-stage procedure is convenient for patients having enough gingival thickness, while the two-stage procedure is used for replacing teeth when there is no need for an immediate cosmetic solution."

S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd has both one-piece and two-piece implants based on their construction. There are implants made from different materials, such as titanium, ceramic, and titanium alloys respectively. In terms of classification based on shape, the patients can go for blade, screw or cylinder-shaped implants. At times, bone graft surgery may be required before implant placement if the alveolar ridge is partially or totally lost. Then, the clinic also offers to perform bone grafting, as well as sinus lift that is a special case of bone grafting.

Additionally, the spokesperson informed, "In bone graft surgery, the substitution of bone can be made using different materials like the patient's own bone, human bone, bovine bone, and synthetic bone. They are available as granulates and blocks in varied sizes. The gold standard of bone grafting is the own bone of the patient that is not only the cheapest but also gives the best results. To facilitate the integration of the graft, we use special proteins. The procedure of sinus lift can help place the implants into the molar area."

While S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd provides cheap dental implants in Hungary,it also offers affordable bone graft for dental implant healing .Even though the clinic follows different techniques of bone grafting, the surgical treatment is completed without causing pain to the patient. The size of the grafted bone is slightly reduced during the healing period by bone transformation. Ultimately, the graft becomes identical in structure to the surrounding recipient area. After a six-month healing period, the implants are inserted into the grafted site. The final integration of the implants takes a further four months.

SOURCE: S & Z Beautiful Teeth Ltd