News | February 8, 2018

ParallelDots Starts U.S. Clinical Deployment Of ‘Dentistry.AI' Artificial Intelligence Software For Detecting Dental Caries

Lewes, DE (PRWEB) - ParallelDots, Inc., an artificial intelligence company, has started clinical deployment of Dentistry.AI, a cloud-based AI application for detecting cavities on dental x-rays. Dentistry.AI has been approved under U.S. federal law for clinical use as an investigational device.

Any licensed dentist can apply to install and evaluate Dentistry.AI at their clinic. Dentistry.AI integrates seamlessly with all popular x-ray sensors and imaging software used in dental clinics. Patients’ x-rays are automatically uploaded to Dentistry.AI’s cloud application for analysis. Annotations (little square outlines) on the x-rays are delivered back instantly showing the areas that have a high probability of caries.

Dentistry.AI targets the unsolved problem of comprehensive caries detection. Many studies have concluded that 20-40% of cavities currently remain undetected in typical clinical settings even when using digital radiography. Test results demonstrate that Dentistry.AI performs significantly better than human vision of trained dentists in identifying caries on dental x-rays. Dentistry.AI helps dentists by instantly highlighting areas on dental x-rays that have a high probability of caries so that dentists can focus on examining these areas more closely.

About Dentistry.AI Technology
ParallelDots novel artificial intelligence technology for detecting caries was presented at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference, ML4H Workshop, at Long Beach, CA, in December 2017 (paper) and is discussed in their research paper available here.

“Our system is a deep fully convolutional neural network (FCNN) of 100+ layers, trained to mark caries on bitewings radiographs. It incorporates our proprietary AI algorithms to address specific complexities of dental anatomy,” said Muktabh Mayank Srivastava, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of ParallelDots, Inc. “We have compared the performance of our technology with three practicing dentists for detecting dental caries on bitewings radiographs. Our technology exceeded the average performance of the dentists in both recall (sensitivity) and F1-Score (agreement with truth) by a significant margin. Our system is self-learning and its performance will continuously improve.” “Over 100,000 bitewings radiographs were utilized for developing our technology,” he added.

About ParallelDots, Inc.
ParallelDots, Inc. is a venture-funded artificial intelligence company developing high impact solutions for real-world problems. ParallelDots invests in developing novel AI algorithms for unsolved problems and in engineering robust field-ready applications. ParallelDots team of 35 includes 20 data scientists and engineers.


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