News | August 16, 2023

Nordent Announces The Introduction Of OnPoint™ Scalers And Curettes. The New Dental Instruments Feature UltraSteel™ Technology Tailored For Dentists And Hygienists

Nordent Introduces OnPoint™ Scalers and Curettes. The new dental instruments feature their exclusive UltraSteel™ technology for longest-lasting performance for dentists and hygienists.

Elk Grove Village, IL /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Nordent Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of dental instruments, announces the introduction of OnPoint™ scalers and curettes. The new instruments feature Nordent's exclusive UltraSteel™ technology, which delivers the longest-lasting performance in the dental market.

UltraSteel™ technology is a breakthrough in metallurgy that produces a micro-structure that was not previously possible. Other scalers are made from stainless steels that have large, isolated carbide molecules, allowing hardness and wear resistance to be inconsistent. UltraSteel™ technology features extremely fine carbide particles that are evenly distributed throughout the micro-structure to provide a blade that is consistently harder, sharper, and longer lasting than any other brand.

In addition to their superior performance, OnPoint™ scalers and curettes are also affordable for any office using American-made scalers and curettes, and they are customizable. The 9mm handle features Nordent's exclusive satin finish, and each instrument comes with two interchangeable color rings, one on each end. This allows the user to customize the instrument to personal preferences.

"We are excited to introduce OnPoint™ scalers and curettes to the market," said Chad Cochrane, Nordent Instrument President. "These instruments represent the latest in metallurgy and cryogenic hardening, and we are confident that they will provide our clinicians with the performance and durability they need."

OnPoint™ scalers and curettes are available now from Nordent authorized dealers. For more information, please visit

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