News | May 10, 2017

NexHealth And National Dental Join Forces To Improve Patient Experience

The partnership is increasing patient retention and engagement while saving staff time

New York /PRNewswire/ - Today, NYC-based provider group National Dental announced its partnership with NexHealth - a fast-growing patient relationship management suite. This partnership allows National Dental to complement its care with a seamless, digital experience that keeps patients engaged.

Managing patient relationships has become increasingly difficult and time-consuming for healthcare providers, who often rely on manual labor and a patchwork of incompatible technologies to track and communicate with patients. For a large group like National Dental, which has 13 offices in the New York metropolitan area, this effort represents a significant cost and an uneven patient experience. National Dental partnered with NexHealth to improve that experience, while delivering a high-touch service that retains more patients.

"National Dental patients are very happy with the care they receive," said Alamin Uddin, CEO and Founder of NexHealth. "But great care isn't enough. Modern patients expect seamless, digital outreach and follow-up that makes rebooking simple. We helped National Dental deliver that, and patients responded enthusiastically."

Since the partnership began, National Dental patients have received customized appointment reminders and recalls, email and text-message communications about no-shows and cancellations, and targeted promotional outreach. Every communication offers patients one-touch online appointment booking.

These changes have increased the number of active patients by 38%, while spiking the demand for follow-up care by 62%. As a result, the healthcare group's annual revenue has risen by $79,200 per location - over $1M in total. And because NexHealth is fully automated, HIPAA-compliant, and EHR-integrated, the service has replaced National Dental's former manual outreach efforts - saving hundreds of hours of staff time.

"Our old retention strategy was a costly, six-person call center doing manual outreach," said Anish Berry, Chief Marketing Officer of National Dental. "With NexHealth, patient engagement is simple and automated. The ROI speaks for itself, and our patients love the holistic experience. We're excited to see what the future of this partnership brings."

About NexHealth
NexHealth is a patient relationship management suite for healthcare providers. With seamless, digital technology, NexHealth helps providers - from large medical groups to independent practitioners - improve patient retention, simplify officework, and enhance their brand. To learn more, visit

About National Dental
The team at National Dental is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care by offering a variety of general, restorative, preventive, cosmetic, and specialty services and maintaining convenient office hours in the early mornings, late nights, weekends, and most holidays. Our patients reap the benefits of our state of the art equipped facilities throughout Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. We strive to provide the best care for all your dental needs with cutting edge technology and a team of highly trained professionals. Our services are designed to yield exceptional, personalized results. We offer affordable solutions to achieve your dreams of a healthy, beautiful, one of a kind smile.

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