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New Weekend Training Program Teaches Dentists How To Deliver Greater Satisfaction To Their Patients

Seattle, WA /PRNewswire/ - Dental patients prefer staying with a single dentist for all of their oral health needs, and a new weekend training series for general dentists makes doing so much likelier.

Rather than reflexively referring their patients to dental specialists, the six-module curriculum developed by The Doctor Development Series in partnership with DOCS Education enables general dentists to provide their existing patients with a wide range of additional treatment offerings.

These include endodontic and oral surgery care, implants and dentures, cosmetic dentistry, oral sedation, bone grafting, and even treatment for snoring and sleep apnea.

"I can attest, based on more than two decades of experience, that better-educated dentists make for more successful dentists by every measure: patient satisfaction, professional satisfaction, and financial satisfaction," says Dr. Michael D. Silverman, founder and president of DOCS Education.

Dr. Marvin Berlin, co-founder and program director of The Doctor Development Series, reports that DDS graduates have a proven track record of growing their production 50% to 100% while enjoying each day more than ever. "Team members love the DDS methods, and patients will return time and again – becoming an excellent source of referrals," he says.

DDS and DOCS Education, both leading dental educators, have partnered to provide this expanded approach to general dentistry, scheduled one weekend every other month for a year. However, the program is designed to allow dentists to immediately begin implementing their newfound skillset after each of the six modules.

Dr. Silverman emphasized that patient safety and satisfaction, which have always been the paramount priorities for all DOCS Education courses, remain the first and foremost focus for members of the Doctor Development Series faculty. The DDS program is taught by some of the country's most-respected and successful dentists.

Many of the methods included in the DDS curriculum are the exact same ones that Dr. Berlin and his colleagues use to generate annual revenues in the top 1% of all dentists nationwide, from a single office in McKinney, Texas, population 130,000.

In fact, the DDS series is particularly popular with recent dental school graduates and other dentists who are earning annual incomes at the lower end of the profession and are often saddled with debt.

Virtually every graduate of the DDS program sees his or her annual production jump considerably, with some DDS graduates passing the $100,000 per month mark within their first year out of the program, Dr. Berlin says.

"Those of us who are fortunate enough to serve in the top tier of our profession – both measured by skill and income – didn't get here by saving our way to the top. We did it by committing ourselves to become the very best-educated, best-prepared dentists – the type of professional the DDS program fosters," says Dr. Silverman.

Addressing dentists and managers who oversee multi-office practices run by dental associates, Dr. Silverman encourages them to "send us your associates who currently operate in the middle or lower-strata of production, and we'll return to you confident, self-fulfilled dentists who consistently produce at the top levels of our profession."

Drs. Berlin and Silverman appear in five short videos on the Doctor Development Series website that provide an overview of the DDS training; introduce the faculty and methods used; address sole practitioners and multi-office operations; and explain why the fees associated with the DDS program deliver an impressive return on investment.

The videos and additional details at available at

Upon completion of the six-module program, dentists will earn a total of 100 hours of continuing education credits which can be applied toward AGD Fellowship and Mastership.

"The entire DDS program – at $11,995 – costs less than the typical fee for one buildup and crown per month," explains Dr. Berlin. "Importantly, our participants are taught how to be many times more productive beginning with their very first class."

"The bottom line," Dr. Silverman adds, "is that with the DDS program, everyone comes out on top: the patients – first and foremost; our program graduates; and, their practices."

Since 1999, DOCS Education has been America's premiere community of sedation dentists and those seeking advanced dental training for cardiac life support, dental pharmacology, and other leading-edge continuing education.

SOURCE: Doctor Development Series

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