News | June 9, 2020

Nederman Helps Dentists Remove Hazardous Aerosols And Improve Workplace Safety Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Nederman's clean air solutions for the workplace capture and control potentially harmful aerosols to help dental offices reopen quickly and safely

Charlotte, NC /PRNewswire/ - Nederman, a leading provider of clean air products and solutions for the workplace, is helping dental offices reopen safely with products that remove harmful aerosols from the breathing zone of dentists, hygienists and patients.

Nederman's expertise in exhaust ventilation solutions features the versatile FX2 extractions arms to give dental professionals a simple, convenient way to reduce health risks and increase worker and patient safety by removing aerosols generated by routine dental procedures. These solutions offer effective capture of potentially hazardous aerosols in an easy-to-use and aesthetically attractive package ideal for dental office settings.

"In referencing guidelines from the CDC, it's crucial to implement engineering controls to reduce or eliminate exposure from aerosol generating procedures (AGPs)," says Travis Haynam, Vice President, Segments for Nederman. "That's especially true for dentists and dental hygienists, whose work requires close contact with patients and the use of high-speed tools and processes that produce aerosols. Nederman is honored to provide clean air products and solutions that help create a safer working environment."

While healthcare professionals are still researching how COVID-19 spreads, research indicates that bacteria or viruses like COVID-19 can survive in bio-aerosols for extended periods of time.

"Dentists are aware that it's possible for aerosols to transmit diseases," says Haynam. "And because these aerosols stay suspended in the air for extended periods of time, many dentists are taking proactive steps to protect themselves, their staff and their patients from potentially harmful airborne aerosols."

Nederman's FX2 aerosol control solution is a flexible, ceiling-mounted extraction arm that is easy to maneuver and position so, once it's installed, the arm can be located near the patient to effectively capture the aerosol at the source and can be easily moved out of the way when no longer in use.

Aerosol extraction is just one method dentists are using to improve safety after Stay-at-Home orders are rolled back. The American Dental Association (ADA) advises that dentists must fully utilize available PPE, understanding that surgical masks, which do not seal around the nose and mouth, are not adequate to completely protect against aerosol-borne disease transmission. To further reduce risks, the ADA advises reducing aerosol production as much as possible.

"As a clean air products and solutions provider, Nederman is ready to help simplify the process to remove hazardous aerosols that could lead to respiratory infections," Haynam states.

Nederman's aerosol control solutions include an FX2 ceiling mount extraction arm, a ceiling mounting bracket with cover plate, a fan and optional HEPA filter for single- or multi-chair operatory arrangements. Nederman also offers custom engineering and installation planning to provide the best clean air solutions to meet the need.

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