News | March 13, 2018

NC Periodontics And Implant Center Increases The Success Of Dental Implant Placement By Offering Advanced Technology Of Cone Beam (CBCT) Imaging

The team of highly skilled dental implant surgeons at NC Periodontics and Implant Center welcome new patients missing teeth, with or without a referral, to learn more about the benefits of dental implants. Drs. Dorion, Gandini, Kadoma, Walters, and Wu routinely use Cone Beam imaging technology to place dental implants with greater accuracy and precision.

Chapel Hill, NC (PRWEB) - Dental implants are a life-like, long-term solution to tooth loss that provide excellent predictability and functionality for patients with missing teeth. Dental implants are the closest match to the function and aesthetics of natural teeth. The implant fixture is surgically placed into the jaw bone, mimicking the natural tooth root. The crown and abutment make up the tooth portion on top of the implant that can been seen and will fit securely between the adjacent natural teeth.

Cone Beam (CBCT) technology is an imaging system that produces 3D digital images of the face, including the dentition, nerves and bone structure in incredible detail. Our team of periodontists feel that having a CBCT scan prior to an implant surgery is essential for proper implant placement. “The cone beam is a very valuable tool when placing dental implants because it provides detailed information that you cannot see in a two-dimensional x-ray,” says Dr. Douglas Walters. “When treatment planning, we have the ability to virtually place the implant and know exactly what depth and angle the implant needs to be in the bone before the patient ever sits down in our chair.”

Getting a CBCT scan is quick and completely painless. It is also very safe. A cone beam image delivers ten times less radiation than a full mouth series of traditional x-rays and provides 100 times greater detail about the patient making it an essential diagnostic tool. Carter M., a patient, says, “It is very important to me that they have the technology that they do. [The technology] is groundbreaking.”

Patients with one or more missing teeth interested in the benefits of dental implants can look to Drs. Dorion, Gandini, Kadoma, Walters and Wu for reliable, high-quality care. New patients can schedule a comprehensive consultation in any of the three convenient office locations in Chapel Hill, Apex, and Raleigh by calling (919) 336-5068 or visiting


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