News | April 6, 2021

Muchen And Oclean Jointly Launch The Oclean Xpro Elite Super Smart Electric Toothbrush


Today, Oclean launched Oclean Xpro Elite super smart electric toothbrush, which is equipped with a new version of the OS operating system, ultrasonic active noise reduction mute technology, and mobile phone wireless fast charging technology.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

More Quiet

With the help of 20000Hz ultrasonic frequency band control, the clutter audio frequency exceeds the human hearing range, thereby controlling the sound of the electric toothbrush to 45db, this technology is the industry's first. Oclean's new super smart electric toothbrush Xpro Elite is equipped with WhisperClean 2.0 technology.

More Clean

Oclean exclusive magnetic levitation brushless motor can reach a speed of 42,000 rpm, providing sufficient power for oral cleaning. Oclean also upgrades the brush head. The DuPont diamond bristles used in Oclean Xpro Elite can deeply remove dental plaque between teeth, and improve cleaning power by 15% compared with ordinary round bristles.

More friendly

Oclean X pro Elite adds an automatic wake-up function, which wakes up when you pick it up, the screen automatically lights up, and you can press the button to turn on brushing with one button; in terms of design, Oclean Xpro Elite is both stylish and practical.

More versatile

The Oclean Xpro Elite super smart electric toothbrush adopts the mobile phone's high-end charging technology wireless fast charging and integrates technical advantages. It only takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the electric toothbrush, making charging more convenient and more efficient.

Super smart

The Oclean X Pro Elite super smart electric toothbrush also has the key function of the Oclean smart toothbrush series-blind spot monitoring. The technology uses the pressure sensor, six-axis gyroscope and chip built into the toothbrush, and uses fusion algorithms, posture algorithms, and statistical methods to collect and process user brushing data, analyze user brushing conditions, and achieve precise blind zone detection.

The Oclean Xpro Elite super smart electric toothbrush is available today (Apr 6th-Apr 20th) Officially on sale on eBay. The price during event is 59.99€. And you can enjoy 15% coupon:XXX on eBay. The final price is: 50.99 Euro .After the event is over, the price will return to the daily price 69.99€.

Debut period (Apr 6th- Apr 20th), in addition to the two additional brush heads, consumers also have the opportunity to get a free order.

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