News | February 14, 2019

MTI Dental Unleashes The Lynx

Coatesville, PA /PRNewswire/ - MTI Dental, a leader in Dental handpiece manufacturing, announces today the release of the Lynx dental lab motor. This newest addition to the MTI catalog offers a quality solution with a sleek modern design for dentists to perform in-house lab work. If you own a milling machine or receive less than perfect results from your partnering lab, then look no further, the Lynx dental lab motor is your solution. The Lynx dental lab micromotor is easy to operate with a plethora of different settings to provide optimal results when filing, trimming, and polishing restorations. Lynx has been a well-respected brand in dental handpieces for decades and this lab motor follows that lineage. The Lynx lab motor is just the introduction to a series of high quality modern dental equipment MTI will release throughout 2019.

As MTI's Vice President, Peter Miranda, stated, "Every dentist performing restorations of any kind, by partnering with laboratories or milling in-house, should have a quality lab motor. It is another valuable tool in the modern dentist's armament that will create value by increasing efficiency, reducing costs and saving valuable chair time by completing some adjustments in-office." MTI continues to create value for dental practitioners by delivering high quality products cost effectively.

As time goes on there are fewer and fewer options for affordable quality dental equipment. In a market saturated in aftermarket, gray label, and non-compliant equipment, turn to an American manufacturer with industry leading warranties, 40 years of experience, and 5-star personal service. At MTI Dental, "We're not just sales people we are American manufacturers."

Lynx Dental Lab Series Specs: Introductory Offer $345

  • Sleek Modern Design
  • E-Type Electric Micro-Motor w/Holder
  • 0 to 30,000 RPMs
  • Variable Speed by Hand or Foot Controller
  • Forward and Reverse options
  • Built-In Safety Overload Sensor
  • Durable Carbon Brushes
  • Includes Foot Pedal Controller
  • Built-In Bur/Mandrel Holder
  • Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee


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