News | June 12, 2018

Lake Park Dental Breathes Life Back Into Smiles With Cosmetic Dentistry In Lutz, FL

The dental team of Drs. Sarah Jockin, Sara Spear, Ashley Nati and Kinjal Patel at Lake Park Dental offer patients in Lutz, FL, teeth whitening, dental crown solutions and other cosmetic dentistry options to breathe life and improved function into their smiles.

Lutz, FL (PRWEB) - Drs. Sarah Jockin, Sara Spear, Ashley Nati and Kinjal Patel at Lake Park Dental are encouraging new and existing patients to find out about the latest customized cosmetic dentistry advances available at their local practice. The field of cosmetic dentistry has expanded in recent years, enabling people to get the smiles they want comfortably and safely. Two particularly popular options include same-day dental crown placements and teeth whitening in Lutz, FL, at the dentists’ state-of-the-art practice.

Traditionally, dental crowns took days to create, meaning patients had to return to the dentist for at least one follow-up visit. However, Lake Park Dental offers same-day tooth crowns thanks to the revolutionary CEREC machine. CEREC utilizes high-tech software to make precise images of a patient’s mouth. The dental crown images are then sent to the CEREC machine to make a new, strong, lifelike crown in about an hour. A long-time proponent of the power of CEREC, Dr. Jockin has become a well-respected CEREC instructor and advocate who leads an education program specifically designed to teach clinicians effective ways to use this technology.

Teeth whitening in Lutz, FL, is another frequently requested service among the Lake Park Dental team. Whether for a special occasion like a wedding, or simply for a lifestyle improvement, patients across the Tampa Bay area want to brighten the way their teeth look. In-office dental whitening treatments are not only safe but offer more reliable results than whitening kits purchased in drug stores or through online merchants.

Those interested in discussing teeth whitening, dental crown placement or other cosmetic dentistry choices like orthodontics can contact Lake Park Dental with or without a referral. This practice can be reached at 813-527-9890.

About The Practice
Lake Park Dental offers leading general and implant dentistry to patients in Lutz, FL. Drs. Sarah Jockin, Sara Spear, Ashley Nati and Kinjal Patel understand how important receiving comfortable and reliable dental care is which is why they strive to create a welcoming environment at their state-of-the-art practice and stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in dentistry. Providing convenient treatment patients can depend on, Lake Park Dental offers skilled and comprehensive care utilizing modern dental technology all at one office. Dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, wire braces, Invisalign® and laser dentistry, among other services, are all offered at Lake Park Dental. More information about Drs. Jockin, Spear and Nati or the services they offer can be found on their website at Those interested in scheduling a consultation can call 813-527-9890.


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