News | April 7, 2021

KDA Technology Group Announces KRx, Its New Integrated Medical Management Platform For Dental Clinics

KDA Group Inc. (“KDA” or the “Corporation”) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Groupe Technologique KDA Inc. (“Tech KDA”) are pleased to announce the commercialization for the Canadian market of its brand new integrated medical management platform for dental clinics called KRx dental.

This new KRx dental platform will offer, among other things, an intelligent prescription pad, a complete electronic prescriber, allowing to:

  • set a new quality standard for patient safety surrounding the prescription validation and pre-treatment medical analysis process to reduce medical risks;
  • optimize daily through substantial time savings that will translate into a major asset for any dental clinic wanting to improve its level of efficiency;
  • improve patient record compliance to protect their clients and their practice;
  • provide access to dental decision trees via quick access to various scientific articles related to dentistry; and
  • provide quick and cost-effective access to training offered by our subsidiary AllianceDentaire.

This innovative solution will allow Tech KDA to quickly and strategically position itself in the dental technology market in Canada.

KDA and Tech KDA are very proud to collaborate with the Vigilance Santé group by integrating RxVigilance into the KRx dental. Vigilance Santé develops numerous structured databases that together constitute the entire content of RxVigilance. Vigilance Santé’s databases make it possible to quickly obtain all the information about a medication or a list of medications based on specific criteria.

In Quebec, more than 5,000 professionals practice as dentists1 in more than 900 clinics. In Canada, more than 20,000 dentists2 practice this profession.

The KRx dental, a new integrated medical management platform, joins the new division, AllianceDentaire, which offers continuing education services for dental clinics in Quebec. AllianceDentaire will become a reference for training programs for dentists across Canada.

“The Corporation, in collaboration with its technology subsidiary, Tech KDA, is proud of its first new integrated medical management platform for the dental sector, the KRx dental, which will be commercialized by Tech KDA. This is the first finalized technology project in a series of technologies that will be developed by Tech KDA. A pre-launch in Quebec will be announced shortly, followed by a commercialization across Canada. We are even evaluating international opportunities for the KRx dental and are very positive about its prospects,” said Sylvain Duvernay, CEO of KDA.

The Corporation would also like to inform that the closing of the transaction, previously disclosed in its press release dated March 10, 2021, between Tech KDA and ZoomMed Medical Inc. of the asset purchase and rights assignment agreement, to develop, commercialize and exploit the ZRx Prescriber in the United States, Europe and United Kingdom, is scheduled for April 30, 2021 and is subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.


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Source: KDA Group Inc.