News | May 5, 2020

KaVo Kerr Announces AquaLiant Dental Waterline Treatment Solution

All-in-one solution for dental unit waterline maintenance.

Now more than ever, our industry is focused on methods to keep clinicians and patients safe from infection. KaVo Kerr is excited to announce AquaLiant Dental Unit Waterline Treatment Solution for proven, simple, and non-toxic removal of biofilm from dental unit waterlines. AquaLiant tablets and cartridges integrate seamlessly into your dental unit water bottle to continuously clean waterlines. AquaLiant is Pelton & Crane's recommended waterline treatment solution and is designed for compatibility with a wide variety of dental units.

"Treating your dental unit waterlines is critical to ensure infection prevention standards are maintained. The health of your patients and your equipment starts with the water quality in the office." said Christine Meaney, Senior Product Marketing Manager, KaVo Kerr Treatment Units, North America. "AquaLiant is an easy to use method that your clinical team can implement in daily or monthly maintenance of your operatory equipment. AquaLiant also is available in an annual cartridge that practically allows you to set it and forget it providing waterline treatment for 365 days."

AquaLiant is proven effective and approved by the EPA to achieve less than 10 CFU/mL (Colony Forming Units)—well below the ADA's guidelines of <500 CFU/mL limit. Daily use of AquaLiant Tablets effectively control opportunistic pathogenic contamination, prevents biofilm formation and eliminates the need to empty bottles and purge lines at the end of the day. AquaLiant enhanced cleaner (shock) inactivates biofilm and keeps tubings uncontaminated.

AquaLiant is safe and efficient allowing you to focus on what's truly important- providing superior dental care for your patients.

AquaLiant Tablets and Cartridges are EPA approved to sell in the listed states, click here (

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Source: KaVo Kerr