News | January 23, 2024

Introducing Smilefy 4.0 — Revolutionizing Dental Aesthetics With Automated 3D Smile Design Powered By AI

Instant, Cost-Free Chairside Solution for 3D Print-Ready Mockup Designs

Smilefy Inc., a leader in innovative dental technology, is proud to announce the release of Smilefy 4.0, a groundbreaking 3D Smile Design powered by AI. This solution is set to transform the world of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. With the introduction of Smilefy 4.0, dental professionals can now create 3D Smile Designs in a few minutes and generate 3D print-ready mockups, shells, composite veneers, and temps models chairside, utilizing cutting-edge AI to visualize and plan treatments like never before.

AI: The New Reality in Dental Operations
Integrating AI into daily dental operations is not a glimpse into the future but a present reality. Smilefy 4.0 embodies this shift, enhancing workflow efficiency and yielding considerable time and cost savings for dental practices.

Introducing Smilefy AI for 3D Smile Design
At the heart of Smilefy 4.0 is Smilefy AI, a pioneering technology that is redefining the landscape of dental aesthetics. This AI-powered solution automates the process of 3D smile design, offering unprecedented precision and adaptability based on selected treatment options.

The Power of Smile Trials in Dentistry
The Smile Trial, facilitated by Smilefy 4.0, is integral to successful cosmetic and restorative treatments, providing:

  • Visualizing the Final Outcome: Patients can preview their new smile, setting realistic expectations and aligning with their desires.
  • Enhancing Doctor-Patient Communication: The Smile Trial opens up vital dialogue, allowing for a collaborative and detailed discussion of the treatment plan.
  • Predictability and Efficiency: With a clear blueprint, dental labs can create final restorations more accurately and efficiently.

Overcoming Traditional Constraints With Technology
Recognizing the limitations of traditional workflow, Smilefy 4.0 revolutionizes the process:

  • Rapid Automated 3D Mock-Ups: Generate 3D mock-ups in just five minutes with Smilefy's AI on iPads, iPhones or Macs.
  • Zero Lab Expenses: Eliminate lab expenses by generating 3D print-ready models for mock-ups, shells, composite veneers, and temps with Smilefy's digital solutions chairside.
  • Digital or 3D Printed Models: Opt for instantly 3D printed models or digital presentations for a modern patient experience.

Redefining the Future of Dental Aesthetics
Smilefy 4.0 isn't just a technological advancement; it's a paradigm shift in dental aesthetic practices. By bringing AI technology with a user-friendly platform, Smilefy 4.0 is set to enhance practice efficiency, treatment outcome accuracy, and patient satisfaction worldwide, and it is accessible to every dental professional.

Source: Smilefy Inc.