News | August 28, 2013

Increasing The Standard Of Dental Care With Soft Tissue Management

Gun disease

Dr. Brown, of Alton Dental helps his patients avoid gum disease by offering a complete STM program.

Burlington, Ontario (PRWEB) - Gun disease is very common among North American adults, but the good news is that it's treatable. Most dentists will evaluate your gums condition during your regular checkup. An early detection of periodontal problems is important, as later stages of gum disease will cause infection and bone loss. Periodontal infection can also lead to bad breath, bad smell/taste, bleeding, tender gums, and eventually tooth loss. The bacteria that causes periodontal disease can reach far beyond the mouth and is associated with other health issues. It’s been linked to heart attacks, strokes, diabetic complications, osteoporosis and Pregnancy complications.

Soft Tissue Management (STM)
A typical Soft Tissue Management (STM) program consists of tissue debridement with a piezo scaler: a laser like instrument and/or ultrasonic scaler which is quick and painless. Scaling and root planing with hand instruments should be carried out along with an in office irrigation treatment with the warmed medicaments: chlorhexidine and fluoride; which are known to aid in the healing process.

A fine motorized toothbrush is recommended, like Rotadent for example, which is only dispensed by a dental office and carries a lifetime guarantee. The dentist will show the patient how to use it along with customized instruction of other oral hygiene aids. A prescription mouth rinse that prevents decay, inhibits plaque and desensitizes the teeth will most likely be recommended.

The Goal
The goal of a Soft Tissue management treatment program is to resolve the signs of inflammation, reduce pocket depths and detectable plaque to a level associated with periodontal health. Ideally, the progression of the periodontal disease will be halted.

A general dentist can start with a conservative, non-surgical periodontal therapy program, but in some cases, a referral to a periodontist may be necessary to evaluate the need for periodontal surgery. By undergoing the STM program, the aim is to avoid or limit the need for periodontal surgery.

Depending on the type of periodontal disease present, the STM program consists of 2 to 4 visits to the dentist who offers a Soft Tissue Management program. The details are usually explained at the time of diagnosis and treatment plan. Ask if the dental office provides written materials or any take home pamphlets to educate and inform their patients.

"Dr. David Brown, of Alton Dental, is an experienced dentist in cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry and soft tissue management. Bringing access to the highest quality, full service, state-of-the-art oral healthcare to Burlington (Ontario) and surrounding areas."


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