Hidden Caries Identification System

Source: S.S. White Burs, Inc.

Hidden Caries Identification System
The Fissurotomy System includes a unique carbide bur that can explore and treat hidden caries
The Fissurotomy System includes a unique carbide bur that can explore and treat hidden caries while preserving healthy tooth structure. The system gives dentists a viable alternative to watching and waiting, and still allows them to be conservative and protect as much healthy tooth structure as possible. The bur tip is designed to be small (.33 mm) and fast. It cuts a smooth, minimally invasive groove in suspicious fissures to allow for explorer access. With access to the affected area, dentists can make a definitive diagnosis and treat the problem early on-before it cavitates and requires more aggressive treatment.

The system benefits patients in that it is virtually pain-free, and in most cases no anesthesia is needed. The bur causes minimal heat build-up and very little vibration, so there is no pain to the DEJ. The system is also fast, so patients spend less time in the chair.

Designed as a depth gauge, the bur's head length is exactly 2.5 mm long, which is just long enough to cut through the fissure to the DEJ when necessary. The bur head and neck interface offers a distinct profile so that users can accurately judge preparation depth while cutting. It is also capable of doing the job in a progressive brush stroke or a single pass. According to the supplier, an ideal, conservative cavity form can be prepared, filled and finished in 3–5 minutes.

The system, which uses only existing equipment, provides innovative bur technology, an instructional video, dentin caries dye and the new Heliomolar Flow microfil restorative. This microfil restorative is said to have exceptional flow properties, high durability and outstanding esthetics.

The system includes:

  • Instructional video
  • 12 Fissurotomy Burs (10 standard and two short shank)
  • Two finishing burs
  • Bur block
  • Caries dye
  • Shade guide
  • Total etch
  • Heliomolar Flow microfil restorative
  • Patient education card
  • Technique guide
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