Glove-N-Time Sav'rs

Source: Amdrecor Inc.
Handy versatile 7"x10" barrier bags in dispenser box
Handy versatile 7"x10" barrier bags in dispenser box.

    Slip over Gloves for those temporary tasks without de-gloving such as holding the phone, writing in chart, fetching an item, holding a curing light, etc.
    Instead of Gloves for menial or temporary tasks that can be done without gloving but need protection such as x-ray, minor clean-ups, or other uses.
    Barrier Sleeve covers water syringe, light handles, curing lights, headrest, armrest, etc.
    Store or Transport clean or infectious items such as instruments, impressions, etc.
    Handle or Dispose of dirty or infectious materials into proper containers.

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