News | August 5, 2022

Glidewell Adds RAPTOS® Cortico-Cancellous Blend In A Syringe To Newport Surgical™ Line Of Bone Grafting Solutions

Clinically proven allograft material comes prepackaged in a syringe, giving dentists a convenient and reliable means of grafting sites for bone regeneration.

Irvine, CA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Glidewell's Newport Surgical™ line of bone grafting solutions was created to provide dentists with a simplified assortment of bone grafting materials and instruments for the full range of indications performed in the general practice, from socket regeneration to full periodontal reconstruction. Now, the company is introducing a new addition to the collection: RAPTOS® Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe specially designed to make the delivery of allograft for extraction sockets, bony defects, immediate implant sites and other clinical applications simpler and more convenient.

Traditionally, dentists in need of bone grafting material have had to order the allograft on its own, hydrate it, and then apply it manually with an instrument or load it into a syringe after hydration. With RAPTOS Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe, clinicians have an all-in-one tool for grafting sites with predictable and cost-effective results.

Each syringe contains prepackaged mineralized cortico-cancellous allograft and is ready to use after a quick and simple hydration procedure. Users will simply remove the outside cap and gently tap the device to loosen the particles sufficiently before aspirating a saline solution or the patient's blood into the syringe. The 0.25 cc and 0.5 cc (priced at $42 and $65, respectively) are packaged for single use. The largest size (1.0 cc priced at $92) comes packaged as two syringes.

"Bone grafting after tooth extraction or in preparation for implant placement has become everyday dentistry for most general practitioners," says Dr. Neil Park, vice president of clinical affairs at Glidewell. "RAPTOS Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe makes these procedures even more efficient at a remarkably good price."

The allograft blend combines the optimal features of cortical and cancellous bone. Cortical bone provides the space maintenance that allows the time for bone regeneration to occur, while cancellous bone allows for better cell migration and faster remodeling. The finely ground size of the mineralized allograft's particles fosters rapid site revascularization and increased structural integrity with a resorption rate of four to six months.

Glidewell ensures that RAPTOS Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe, like other products in the Newport Surgical line, originates from a single, convenient supplier and is FDA-cleared and naturally sourced. By doing so, the longstanding implant solutions provider aims to deliver a product with quality that dentists know they can trust. This product will play a key role in furthering Glidewell's philosophy to simplify and improve every aspect of treatment, from implant placement to delivery of the final restoration.

This product addition strengthens Newport Surgical's comprehensive line of bone grafting solutions, which includes essential tools like sutures, wound dressing, collagen membranes and the Newport Surgical Implant and Bone Grafting Instrument Kit. This simple yet comprehensive line of high-quality products gives clinicians everything they need to perform most implant-related procedures in their dental practices.

For the RAPTOS Cortico-Cancellous Blend in a Syringe, along with the full array of Newport Surgical materials and instruments, visit or call 888-303-3975. To learn more about Glidewell's comprehensive implant and restorative solutions, visit or call 800-839-9755.

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