Source: Jordco, Inc.

Sterile, Single Use 2ml Poly Tubes
  • Sterile, Single Use 2ml Poly Tubes Reduce Cross Contamination
  • Contains EDTA to Help Soften and Aide in the Negotiation of Root Canals
  • Water Soluble Base For Superior Lubrication
  • Highly Effervescent Action Helps to Flush Debirs From Canals
  • Packaged in a Hygeinically Sealed Six Pack Tray
  • Unlike Syringes or Jars No Disinfection is Requried Between Uses
  • Economical 2ml Tubes Cost Less Than Jars or Syringes
Sterile EndoGel is specially formulated to aide in the negotiation of root canals by endodontic instruments. EndoGel is the perfect companion to the Endoring II's Gelwell System. Each single-use polytube contains EDTA that chelates calcifications in the root canal system. Sodium hypochlorite irrigants react with EndoGel's urea peroxide to produce vigorous bubbling action that helps flush debris from the root canal system

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