News | October 18, 2017

Eagle Rock Dental Care Offers Personalized General Cosmetic Dentistry

Eagle Rock Dental Care is based in Idaho Falls and has been operating for 46 years and has been providing personalized and friendly dental services keeping adults and pediatric patients at ease whilst maintaining their oral health. The practice offers general and cosmetic dentistry including crowns and veneers, dental implant placement and restoration, root canal therapy, and general family and pediatric dentistry.

Eagle Rock Dental Care has many strengths, which separate them from other Idaho dental practices. These include the experience and dedication of their team of dentists to offer the best possible service through their focus on continuously educating themselves on the latest dental techniques and approaches. In addition, they constantly invest in building state-of-the-art dental offices, including the clinic’s relocation to a brand new facility at 1820 John Adams Parkway. This enables Eagle Rock Dental Care to provide their patients with cutting-edge, antiseptic, comfortable, and personalized care.

Another important aspect, which sets Eagle Rock Dental Care is that they are well-known for being the best pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls. The clinic has achieved this through a variety of techniques including giving out new toothbrushes, stickers, and small toys to make children feel at ease during dental cleaning, and the use of funny pictures, interesting sculptures, and unique office décor. All these techniques have help children overcome their fear of the dentist and pick up good habits such as maintaining oral hygiene, which will help them stay healthy in the long-term.

For their other services, Eagle Rock Dental Care provides general dentistry including dental restorations, root canals, fillings, and sealants, which help patients maintain the upkeep and overall health of their teeth. In addition, the clinic offers a range of cosmetic dentistry services including teeth whitening, and the installation of braces to improve appearance.

Eagle Rock Dental Care’s personal touch has earned them many positive reviews. For example, Magdalene says, “They are always on time, they are great with the kids, they come out to the waiting room to explain the exam, they are amazing and so great to work with.”

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