News | December 12, 2022

DOF Unveils Craft 5x- Dental Milling Machine For Dental Clinics And Laboratories

The company is known for its assortment of high quality digital dentistry equipment available to dentists across the US

DOF, a CAD/CAM solution company specializing in developing the world’s best 3D dental lab scanners and dental milling machines, is pleased to unveil its newest product, the the Craft 5x- Dental Milling Machine designed to provide a one-step milling solution for dentists. The Craft 5x is more than just a conventional wet and dry milling machine. It extends beyond the mechanical limitations of traditional milling machines and reproduces a design as it is. It also improves accuracy by preventing errors that may occur during scanning.

While conventional custom abutment production goes through complex stages of designing, milling, and scanning the abutment, one-step milling reduces the production stages by milling the abutment and the suprastructures simultaneously with the 5-axis reverse milling method.

The Craft 5x features a water tank, a dust collector, and a compressor all in one compact assemblage.

“The amazing part about an all-in-one machine is that it can be installed anywhere without space restrictions, and maintenance is very simple,” said Henry Park, CEO of DOF. “Our goal with the Craft 5x is to streamline the milling process, remove the limitations of materials and dental lab space, and provide an easier way to capture contours of teeth in extreme detail - allowing dentists to better serve their patients.”

Key features of the Craft 5x- Dental Milling Machine:

  • Wet & Dry Compatible. Zirconia, wax, PMMA, hybrid ceramic, glass ceramic and titanium are able to be milled.
  • 5-Axis. Featuring 5-axis simultaneous machining, ideal for cases with severe undercuts and/or multiple insertion angles.
  • 90 Degree Milling. It perfectly reproduces the contours of teeth with the 90 degree milling, especially anterior teeth.
  • One-Step Milling. It mills custom abutments and suprastructures at the same time without the abutment scanning.

This latest product launch continues DOF’s commitment to providing customers with high quality, reliable digital dentistry equipment. Every product provided by DOF is planned and designed through taking into consideration what functions are required by customers. DOF continuously applies feedback provided by customers to improve products and help customers work more efficiently.

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Source: DOF Inc.