News | May 23, 2024

Detection Technology launches IGZO Flat Panel Detectors To Enhance Dental Imaging

Detection Technology, a global leader in X-ray detector solutions, has launched indium gallium zinc oxide thin-film transistor (IGZO-TFT) flat panel detectors (FPD) to enhance dental imaging. The new additions to the company’s FPD portfolio include X-Panel 1717z FDM for cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and panoramic imaging, and X-Panel 3030z FDM-TG-X for CBCT.

The X-Panel 1717z FDM marks a significant advancement in dental imaging technology as it addresses the industry’s need for larger detectors with an improved cost—performance ratio. By integrating IGZO-TFT technology with a generous 17 cm x 17 cm imaging area, the company has unlocked new potential for CBCT and panoramic imaging.

“We are proud to introduce the X-Panel 1717z FDM, which features the largest active area and the fastest frame rate in its class. By harnessing the power of IGZO-TFT technology, we are able to offer dental OEMs a comprehensive solution that combines large field of view, superior image quality, a fast frame rate, and reduced patient dose, ultimately enhancing diagnostic capabilities,” says Tuomas Holma, Director of Product Management of the Medical Business Unit at Detection Technology.

Key features of the X-Panel 1717z FDM include:

  • Large imaging area: With an expansive 17 cm x 17 cm active area, the X-Panel 1717z FDM enables multiple options for field of view, catering to diverse clinical applications.
  • Fast frame rate: Offering a frame rate of 35 frames per second (1×1), this detector ensures quicker scans with reduced motion artifacts, enhancing diagnostic efficiency.
  • Integrated panoramic imaging: Eliminating the need for a separate panoramic sensor, the X-Panel 1717z FDM delivers seamless panoramic imaging with a speed of over 300 frames per second, resulting in sharper images.
  • Excellent low dose performance: Leveraging IGZO-TFT technology, this detector delivers superior low dose performance, prioritizing patient safety without compromising image quality.

With a pixel size of 111 µm, a pixel matrix of 1536 x 1536, and multiple gain modes, the detector solution offers unmatched versatility and performance in dental imaging. Engineers evaluating this product will appreciate its compatibility with both Windows and Linux-based operating systems and its seamless integration into existing imaging systems.

“With this launch we are further expanding our IGZO-TFT portfolio for dental imaging. Additionally, we are starting sales of another large FOV flat panel detector for CBCT. The X-Panel 3030z FDM-TG-X features an imaging area size of 30 cm x 30 cm with 99 µm pixel size and a speed of 40 fps for full image resolution and 200 fps for 8 mm panoramic strip.”

“We are well on the way of creating a complete portfolio of IGZO-TFT and CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) detectors for dental imaging. Our CMOS-based 2D sensors are optimized for panoramic and cephalometric imaging. Building a consistent offering based on both technologies, we are always able to find the best fit for our customers. This makes us stand out from our competitors.”

These and other TFT flat panels are now available for purchase worldwide. For more information on pricing, availability, and technical specifications, please contact the Detection Technology sales.

Source: Detection Technology Plc