News | August 7, 2018

Dentistreet Releases New Dental Appointment Request System

Dentistreet has recently announced the release of its new dental appointment request system. It can be fully integrated into a dental clinic's website and included in the clinic's basic plan, costing $69 per month.

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) - Dentistreet, a dental marketing agency in Pasadena, CA, that focuses specifically on dental clinic websites, is proud to announce the launch of a new online dental appointments request system. The system, which can be fully integrated into a dentist's website, is accessible to anyone on the basic plan of $69 per month and above. The basic plan gives you a professional dental website, and an admin portal for updating content if needed.

A representative of Dentistreet explains: "Peoples' lives are busier than ever before in history. Patients usually squeeze in a quick half hour from work to tend to their dental needs. Spending large amounts of time on the phone and in waiting lobbies can be frustrating. That's not even taking into account how often patients have to wait on hold (or call back after not being able to get through) simply because your lines are too busy, and your receptionist is too flustered. By using this online dental appointment system, you can provide your patients with an opportunity to book appointments (and receive reminders) all from your website."

Through the new system, patients can easily request an appointment on the dental practice's website. They fill up an online secure form to include basic patient information, the reason for appointment, and if applicable, insurance identification and legal guardian details. All data is stored in HIPAA compliant architecture. The practice immediately receives the notification through email and mobile text and can manage the appointment request through its own website admin portal.

Through the system, patients also receive dental appointment reminders through email and SMS. The system sends out notifications on a scheduled basis which is configurable.

"What's really awesome is that the patient can confirm his appointment directly from his mobile phone by just replying to a text message. This eliminates the need for constant follow-ups by the dentist and a quick, easy way to confirm appointments for the busy patient," Guillermo Misa, CEO of Dentistreet says.

Once the patient's appointment has completed, the system sends out a Patient Feedback Request which lets the patient give valuable feedback on his dental treatment experience. This feedback is saved in the system and the dentist can easily cross reference this to his completed appointment record.

The new dental appointments functionality is already proving to be very popular. Because it is HIPAA compliant, clinics and patients alike know that they can securely transmit their information and other details, without the risk of their online identity being compromised. The representative points out: "A dental website is a fantastic way to build a solid reputation; proving that you are a serious, skilled and experienced professional whom they can trust. We are living in the digital age, and more and more people are searching for service providers online before committing."

Dentists are encouraged to contact Dentistreet for further information on the new appointment system and other services.


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