News | September 6, 2023

DentalMonitoring Promotes The Use Of Data To Improve The Quality And Efficiency Of Oral Care

Austin, TX /PRNewswire/ - DentalMonitoring is a technology company dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of oral care. Collaborating with orthodontic professionals, industry leaders and manufacturing companies, DentalMonitoring promotes the use of data to drive constant innovation.

More orthodontists are using DentalMonitoring's scalable remote monitoring solution to deliver a convenient, connected experience to their patients while improving their clinical practices. This platform, powered by AI, is available in more than 40 countries and is compatible with all patients, regardless of their type of treatment. Orthodontists using the platform have access to extensive data on patient recruitment, compliance, clinical operations and practice efficiency, all thanks to DM Insights, the industry's first data analysis tool.

DM Insights provides dental practices with visibility into their clinical performance and helps doctors and their staff identify potential ways to improve, benefiting both the practice and their patients. For example, it allows you to compare various types of treatment, brands of devices, etc. Thanks to data collected from more than 2 million patient scans, DentalMonitoring has a privileged position that allows it to analyze the performance of different devices according to the protocol used by dentists. Although the company does not publish comparative data and remains neutral regarding all brands and types of treatment, its partners and manufacturers have been able to see how the DentalMonitoring platform helps clinics improve their efficiency. The company encourages manufacturers to analyze the performance of their products based on a cohort of customers, as long as all applicable privacy laws and regulations are followed. This type of independent product performance data analysis leads to new ideas and improvements that benefit doctors, their patients, and the orthodontic industry as a whole.

""Our company's mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that improve the daily lives of oral health professionals and enable them to deliver the best possible experience to their patients. It is our responsibility to ensure that the data that facilitates this mission is protected and are used appropriately and for the benefit of all.

Philippe Salah, Director general de DentalMonitoring."

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Powered by the most advanced AI in the industry, DentalMonitoring has developed comprehensive solutions for dentists and orthodontists to help them grow and optimize their business, deliver high-quality clinical care, and improve their patient experience. DentalMonitoring and DM Insights provide orthodontists with the data needed to drive clinical improvements.

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