News | July 30, 2019

Dental Intelligence Releases Call Insight, A Powerful New Phone-Based Engagement Tool For Managing Patient Relationships

Call Insight empowers dental practices to know more about, and do more with, each patient.

Pleasant Grove, UT (PRWEB) - Dental Intelligence is pleased to announce the release of Call Insight, a powerful new way to connect with patients. Call Insight empowers dental practice team members to instantly identify critical information about each patient, the moment the phone begins to ring. Patient insights include upcoming scheduled appointments, overdue/unscheduled treatment, outstanding balances, unscheduled family members, contact information, recent and upcoming birthdays, and much more. This data appears automatically on screen as a patient calls in and is linked directly to the practice’s practice management system (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental, etc.) No new phone system is required to use Call Insight.

Additionally, Call Insight enables team members answering the phone to capture where a new patient learned about the practice. No more guessing which marketing efforts are most effective. Call Insight allows practices to make data-driven decisions about where to wisely invest new patient marketing dollars. Practices can even capture information about vendors and salespersons in order to more effectively manage call response during peak call times.

According to Weston Lunsford, Dental Intelligence CEO, “Call Insight gives you everything you’d expect from a smart pop-up notifications system and so much more. With Call Insight, not only do you immediately get everything you need to know about your patient when they call or before you call them, but you also get to see and analyze everything you can think of around your New Patient Call. Which marketing dollars really get the phone to ring, why new patients’ calls are not scheduling, and the ability to track and follow up with those that didn’t schedule. With Call Insight’s intelligence around existing and new patient calls, practices are efficiently scheduling and completing more dentistry than ever before. The best part is that we are providing this at a price point that EVERY practice can afford.”

Call Insight is a stand-alone product available for any practice using current versions of Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental practice management systems, or as an add-on for all active Dental Intelligence customers. To learn more, visit

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