News | October 10, 2019

Clear Advantage Orthodontics Providing Affordable Botox Treatment And High-End Dental Services In Vancouver

Clear Advantage Orthodontics is a dental office keen on providing friendly, inviting, and professional services to patients of all ages who want to have beautiful and healthier smiles. The aim of the practice has been to ensure everyone who walks in gets to have an exceptional experience, and all their needs are fully catered for professionally. Clear Advantage Orthodontics not only provides general dental services but offers specialized orthodontic treatment, oral & maxillofacial surgeries, and Botox treatment.

Speaking about why they are a center for the entire family, the clinic's spokesperson commented, "Under the leadership of Dr. Suzzane Crizaki and Dr. Amin Shirvani, who bring with them vast expertise in different areas of specialization, the practice offers a full range of services. The focus on providing fully customized treatment has been our winning edge as each patient gets to receive maximum attention and care. We have also invested in creating a suitable environment where the entire family will feel comfortable and get to receive the best treatments."

One of the areas in which Dr. Crizaki has great experience in is administering Botox treatment, which she has focused on since the year 2004. Patients worried about Botox in Vancouver cost, as such, have in Clear Advantage Orthodontics the assurance of affordable solutions that will provide long-lasting results. Primarily, the costs of Botox treatment depends on the area treated and the need of the patient, as each treatment focuses on specific areas. Clear Advantage Orthodontics provides crooked smile correction, erases lip lines, provide the perfect pout, offer facial rejuvenation, and upper lip injections.

Talking about their oral and maxillofacial surgery services, the clinic's spokesperson said, "If you have injuries or defects in the head, jaw, face, and neck, then the best treatment is to receive oral and maxillofacial surgery. The goal of our services is, therefore, to restore the functionality and aesthetic conditions of different parts depending on the professional evaluations and your demands. Among the services we provide under this area of specialty are corrective jaw surgeries, cleft palate, facial trauma, dental implants, outpatient anesthesia, and temporomandibular joint surgery."

A common question that most patients have is the braces cost in Vancouver, and Clear Advantage Orthodontics offers ready answers to patients after analyzing the problem at hand. This is because there is no fixed cost for braces, and each patient gets to have a tailored treatment plan that will correct their problem. Clear Advantage Orthodontics understands that different patients get to have varied treatment since one might require less time and appliances while the other is more complicated. To have better accuracy in estimating the costs; the certified orthodontist will carry out a complete oral examination and listen to the patient before coming up with a suitable solution.

Source: Clear Advantage Orthodontics