News | October 17, 2018

Chewsi Makes Affordable Dental Care Easier


Chewsi, a first-of-its-kind service that connects patients directly with dentists for significant savings on dental care, recently celebrated the first anniversary of its launch, with plans to bring this disruptive healthcare technology to consumers nationwide over the next year.

Chewsi makes dental care more accessible by offering significantsavings on dental services. Consumers download the free app to their smartphone, search for a Chewsi dentist near them and see what they’d pay for a service at their Chewsi dentist. Then, they use their phone to pay for their service through the secure, cloud-based Chewsi app at the time of their appointment and see their savings immediately.

By offering savings on dental care to all users — whether they have dental insurance or not — Chewsi helps consumers save on every dental service, every time. Signing up for Chewsi is free and there are no monthly fees. Consumers pay only for the services they need, when they need them. There are no limits or excluded services with Chewsi — from braces, implants and routine cleanings to exams, fillings, crowns and more, every service is eligible for Chewsi savings.

Bill Woods, Jr. of Charlestown, RI, who hasn’t had dental insurance since 2016, recently used Chewsi to save more than $1,000 on needed dental care.

“Chewsi is very easy to use,” he said. “You just click to find a dentist and, after you have your service at the dentist, click to pay. I’ll definitely use Chewsi again because you can see your savings ahead of time.”

Consumers can save on cosmetic care like teeth whitening, or on braces for themselves or a child — savings typically not available through traditional insurance or discount plans.

“Chewsi is a true innovation in dental care, bringing affordable dentistry to southern New Englanders with just a couple of taps on their smartphone,” said Joseph Nagle, CEO of First Circle, Inc. “The link between oral health and overall health is well known, yet too many Americans today are either uninsured or underinsured, limiting their access to oral healthcare. The savings offered by Chewsi remove a major barrier preventing consumers from getting the dental care they need. At the same time, we’re helping dentists grow their practices by reaching new patients in a whole new way.”

Already, nearly 2,500 dental locations across Massachusetts and Rhode Island have joined Chewsi. Through targeted network recruiting and strategic partnerships, the company expects to significantly expand the Chewsi network to a number of other states in the coming months.

"Since we joined Chewsi, more of our patients have been able to say yes to dental care,” said Beth Suriani of Epic Dental in Norwood, MA. “Chewsi is a great way for patients to get the care they need while helping us to grow our business. We’ve welcomed quite a few new patients since we joined.”

Employers, too, are embracing Chewsi as a healthcare resource for part-time employees and retirees, as well as for insured employees who want services not covered by their dental plan or who have exceeded the limits of their plan and need additional care.

Brian Coughlin, an experienced human resources professional who now oversees Ocean State Job Lot’s Total Rewards program, is one of many business leaders in the area who has introduced the Chewsi solution to his full- and part-time employees.

“Chewsi is the perfect solution for our associates who aren’t enrolled in OSJL's Dental Plan,” he said. “This is a great way for our associates to save significant money on dental care. We’re also happy to offer this additional resource to our insured employees, helping them save on care that isn’t covered by the current dental plan. Now, our insured employees can save on cosmetic services, and on any services they may still need if they’ve reached the maximum annual allowance of our plan.”

Chewsi is the latest company to launch in Rhode Island’s thriving tech community. The company’s web development, sales and marketing teams are based in downtown Providence.

Chewsi is free to download in the App Store and in Google Play. Visit to learn more or download the app today.

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