News | April 12, 2022

Candid And Altius Partner To Bring Clear Aligner Convenience To Texas

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Clear aligner innovator, Candid, has partnered with Altius Healthcare Management to bring their fusion of in-person and remote orthodontic technology to practices throughout the Lone Star State. This key partnership will provide high-demand clear aligner treatment to Altius' patients and prove Candid's unique value to rural populations.

Founded in 2016, Altius has long been committed to bringing excellent oral healthcare to rural Texans.

"Our founders noticed that providers in rural areas were retiring and younger dentists were not taking their places," says Altius CEO, Darren Boggs. "We increase access to dental services in these smaller markets while providing stable career opportunities in the communities we serve."

Candid is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of Altius' patients by minimizing in-person appointments. Its remote monitoring platform, CandidMonitoring™, lets patients share photos of their teeth with their dentist every 14 days to ensure treatment is tracking according to plan. While the treating clinician may recommend as many in-person appointments as they would like, only two are required—one for pre-treatment records and one for post-treatment records.

"In rural areas, access to care is limited—especially for orthodontics," says Boggs. "In many cases, our patients must drive over 30 minutes to find an orthodontist. Our goal is to provide a strong alternative to traditional braces that is affordable and convenient for our patients. We think Candid aligns perfectly with our mission of expanding access to care in rural communities."

"Partnering with Altius is particularly exciting because it shows how Candid can empower practices in rural communities with a convenient way to generate revenue while meeting patient demand," says Candid's CEO, Nick Greenfield. "Our clear aligner system is designed to meet the needs of any dental practice and their patients—no matter where they're located."

As Altius begins rolling out Candid at their locations, the excitement among practice staff is building.

"Our doctors and staff are excited to offer Candid clear aligners in their offices," says Boggs. "We anticipate that Candid will bring new patients interested in clear aligners into their practices, which they can convert into loyal customers. With the right incentives, training, and support, we believe that Candid will become a meaningful part of our revenue streams."

About Candid
Candid is a clear aligner orthodontic system that makes treatment accessible and affordable for doctors and patients. Since 2020, Candid has brought high-quality clear aligners and patient support to dental practices and dental service organizations across the United States via CandidPro. Learn more at

About Altius
Altius is the largest DSO focused on serving rural populations in the State of Texas. Founded in 2016, Altius strives to bring quality, compassionate, and accessible oral healthcare to their patients while creating economic opportunities in the communities they serve. Learn more at

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