Biotène Dry Mouth Toothpaste

Source: Laclede, Inc.
Biotène Dry Mouth Toothpaste
Contains antibacterial enzymes and fluoride plus calcium
•Clinically proven to inhibit harmful microorganisms associated with gingivitis and oral irritations.
• Promotes healing of bleeding gums and inflammation.
• Fights both the causes and effects of Halitosis (bad breath).
• Especially helpful for the bedridden patient or the handicapped who may have difficulties maintaining good oral hygiene.
• No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
• The SLS Free formula is extra gentle to dry tissues and prevents canker sores and ulcers.

Biotène is the only toothpaste in the world that works like the body's natural defenses to fight cavities, periodontal disease and oral infections due to Dry Mouth.

Biotène contains three primary enzymes - Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, and Lysozyme, which are carefully balanced for a special function in boosting and replenishing saliva's own defenses. When used daily, Biotène reduces harmful bacteria, but leaves beneficial bacteria necessary for healthy teeth and oral tissues.

How to Use:
Use in place of your regular toothpaste. Rinse toothbrush in water before applying Biotène. Brush for two minutes, rinse lightly. For best results, use first thing in the morning, after eating, and at bedtime. It is important not to skip brushing because the enzymes in Biotène can fully help give your mouth a healthy balance of bacteria.

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