News | August 15, 2017

Bash Dental Now Offers BIOLASE WaterLase Treatment

Bash Dental is excited to announce that their office is now offering BIOLASE WaterLase Treatments for patients throughout the area. This new laser is ideal for treating patients who are dealing with small, new cavities, gum disease and oral surgery such as the cosmetic repositioning of gums.

Dr. Richard N. Bash, DDS., a leading family dentist in the Doylestown, PA region, recently underwent training for WaterLase laser dentistry in Baltimore, MD. This patented technology combines focused light energy with a highly-precise stream of water for exceptional treatment.

The WaterLase dental laser allows Dr. Bash to perform a range of procedures with benefits that include reduced anesthetic for most procedures, faster healing time, helping to calm patients that experience dental anxiety and causes less trauma to teeth and gums.

Bash Dental can also use the dental laser to treat a patient's gums and soft tissue to improve the appearance of their smile, remove growths and excess tissue, fix a tongue tie, prevent gum recession, and remove bacteria and debris to treat periodontal disease.

In addition to offering treatment with the WaterLase dental laser, patients can turn to Dr. Bash and his staff for emergency dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, routine care, dentures, crowns and bridges, total smile restoration, conscious sedation dentistry and much more.

Interested parties can learn more about WaterLase laser dentistry and schedule an appointment with a friendly family dentist today in the Southampton, PA area. For More information, visit

SOURCE: Bash Dental