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Archway Endodontics Introduces Internal Tooth Bleaching Services

St. Louis, MO /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Archway Endodontics, a full-service endodontic practice in St. Louis, Missouri, recently introduced a new procedure to their office. The practice now offers internal tooth bleaching to help root canal patients brighten their smiles. Patients and the general public can reach the practice through their website,

Internal bleaching combats the dark tooth discoloration which may develop from the inside of the tooth. Such internal stains may develop following a successful root canal procedure, or following trauma to the tooth.

Internal bleaching is a gentle procedure that provides gradual results over three to four weeks. The patient returns periodically to check their tooth's progress and determine when the desired result has been achieved.

Dr. Brian Judd leads Archway Endodontics. Passionate about endodontics, Dr. Judd approaches every patient as a valued individual. He has undergone extensive training in root canals and other important endodontic procedures. He is passionate about his work and shares his enthusiasm with those around him.

Dr. Judd attended the University of New Mexico and Brigham Young University as an undergraduate. After receiving his dental degree at the University of Colorado Anschutz campus, he completed a prestigious endodontic residency at Saint Louis University's Center for Advanced Dental Education. Dr. Judd is proud to be an Eagle Scout.

"Our patients appreciate our willingness to add new services like internal bleaching based on their needs," said Dr. Judd. "We want to help them restore beautiful, healthy smiles without necessarily needing a new dental crown."

Services Offered

  • Root Canals
  • Root Canal Retreatment: If a tooth with a root canal experiences further problems, Dr. Judd may repeat the treatment and save the tooth.
  • Apicoectomy: Apicoectomy removes the tip, or apex, of the tooth's root and treats hard and soft tissue infections.
  • 3-D Imaging: Advanced Cone Beam Computed Tomography scanners provide complete 3-D images of the head and oral cavity. This equipment allows better diagnosis and treatment of endodontic issues.
  • Cracked Teeth: Depending on the size and location of the crack, different treatments may be recommended to provide the optimal outcome for the tooth.
  • Internal Tooth Bleaching

About Archway Endodontics
The office is located at 16 Hampton Village Plaza, Suite #225, St. Louis, Missouri 63109. Current and prospective patients may contact the practice through their website at

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