News | June 6, 2012

Announcing Clixon, Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software For Dental Practices And Dental Laboratories, Released For North America May 21, 2012

Clixon is the newest inventory management system designed specifically for the dental practice and dental laboratory industry. Clixon users can spend more time creating quality services and products for dental patients knowing that inventory management is in control. “Our goal was to go one step further, to provide a simple, easy solution to the inventory challenges that face dental practices and dental labs. With Clixon our customers can focus on more important tasks.” – Mike Heath, Pat Goodfellow, directors ClixonGroup. For a Clixon demo call 706.705.4406 or sign up at

Georgia (PRWEB) Designed to simplify purchasing, Clixon provides easy-to-use features that keep ordering on time, on track, and on budget. Clixon's customizable Dashboard puts action items, reminders, and performance graphs in plain sight. Optional Corporate oversight gives inventory ordering control over multiple locations.

The people behind Clixon dental practice and laboratory inventory management software started in the dental industry more than 20 years ago building innovative and powerful desktop inventory management software. When the creators realized that approximately 10% of the software's power was being used, a better solution had to be found. The answer was in the 'Cloud’ where, without hardware support, server maintenance, networking, backups and software updates, Clixon could build better products, where features were accessible.

For dental practices and dental laboratories, inventory is the largest expense outside of wages and deserves attention, but only gets noticed when an item is out of stock and the price per unit is increased due to late ordering. Clixon can provide the attention, automating ordering, evaluating patterns and calculating suggested order quantities, easily.

Clixon guides you through submitting an order, receiving stock, creating back orders for any items not received and finally, to approving an order for payment. But don't worry about remembering all of this, Clixon will place reminders and "action items" right on your Home Page or desktop.

At a Corporate level, dental practices and laboratories are able to manage inventory and users by location. By establishing sub-companies and customizing each location, Clixon users can assign specific items to each company and establish budgeting guidelines. Dental practices and laboratories can easily report on individual companies or across all companies within your organization.


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