News | August 3, 2020

Alien Milling Technologies Now Offers vhf Machines

Dental milling specialist distributes K5+ and K4 edition

vhf is pleased to announce that California-based Alien Milling Technologies is adding two vhf dry milling machines to their U.S. portfolio. The well-known provider of milling services and supplies distributes the machines under the name AK5+ and AK4.

The CEO of vhf Inc., Dr. Nicolas Rohde, welcomes the new partnership: “We are extremely confident of Alien Milling Technologies as a new reseller since they have many years of experience with our machines in their milling center. The fact that Alien Milling now offers our machines to their customers is the greatest compliment and sign of confidence that we as manufacturer can get. I am sure customers will greatly benefit from Alien’s expertise, may it be through expert training or support. vhf and Alien Milling Technologies share the same passion for premium milling solutions at a non-premium price.”

Saro Hatz, CEO of Alien Milling Technologies, is excited about the expansion of their offering: “After several years of success and tremendous growth with our milling center, it is time to give back to those who we owe the success: our valued customers. We not only want to share with them our secrets of success, but also provide them with the tools and train them on how to use the tools in order to become as successful as we have been. vhf milling machines, their CAM software and milling burs play a crucial role in our operation. We now have more than 30 vhf mills, and counting, and the machines have been truly a key to our success.”

vhf machines offer reliability in digital production with great predictability and fast workflows. vhf prides itself on offering the greatest possible freedom to their users with an always-expanding material database and a wide range of supported indications. Users benefit from the decades of experience which vhf has obtained with the development of CAM software, creating sophisticated milling strategies and the manufacturing of tools.

Source: vhf